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Diamond Comics (P) Ltd., the largest comic book distributor and publisher in India, was founded by Mr. Gulshan Rai in 1978. Headquartered in Delhi, India, Diamond Comics is the home to most popular and loved comic characters of our nation.

Our parent company, Bhartiya Bhandar Pustakalaya, was started in 1907 in Pakistan. It was re-established in India after partition in 1950 as Punjabi Pustak Bhandar. Diamond Comics (P) Ltd was started with Diamond Pocket Books (P) Ltd in the year 1978. Diamond Comics brought high quality entertainment to Indian readers through the creation of original Indian comic characters like Chacha Chaudhary, Billoo, Pinki, Motu Patlu and many more. The company also started publishing foreign comic books such as Phantom, Mandrake, Superman, Batman, Spider-Man, He- man and JamesBond in Hindi.

Our dedicated and creative team of publishing professionals is committed to produce high quality multi-lingual books to both entertain and educate. Our expansive publishing portfolio contains books for readers of all ages. Besides publishing comic books, we also publish nonfiction monthly periodicals on yoga, astrology, crime and health in different Indian languages. Swami Ramadev’s Yoga Sandesh, Osho Today, Health Plus and Vastu are our few eminent non-fiction publications.

We have the most extensive distribution network in India. We are able to distribute all our publications even to the remotest areas of all the states in India in Hindi, English and different regional languages.

Besides publishing, Diamond Comics (P) ltd has also ventured into the field of 2D and 3D animation and digitization of comic books. Fun-filled popular television serials and cartoon programmes based on our characters continue to entertain the viewers of all age groups. We are also planning to launch an exclusive TV channel for kids in the near future.

Diamond Comics Gulshan Rai (Managing Director)

GulshanRai widely hailed as a legendary doyen of the publishing business, harbinger of the comic-book revolution in India. The list of awards and accolades conferred on him include the International Quality Summit Award for Excellence and Business Prestige from the Business Initiative Directions, Madrid, Spain; International Professional of the year from the International Biographical Centre, Cambridge, England; BhartiyaUdyogRatna Award from the National Education & Human Resource Development Organization; World Business Leader Award from the World Confederation of Businesses Houston, US, besides the recognition and felicitation from the WHO’S WHO Historical Society, US.

But little does the world know that his vocational strides – from humble roots to succulent fruits – has been a mixed bag of remarkable achievements, mind-boggling challenges, breathtaking breakthroughs and mind-numbing tragedies. His life story is truly a towering inspiration for the mavericks of today and tomorrow; they would do well to emulate the quality and clarity of his conviction that has helped his time-tested enterprise stay relevant even in this age of artificial intelligence and machine learning.

The story of his legendary enterprise dates back to the era before his birth, in Multan, Pakistan, where his father ran a successful business called the BhartiyaBhandarPustakalaya, which specialized in the sale of schoolbooks. After partition, the family moved to India, and the same business was rechristened as Punjabi PustakBhandar in the year 1949. It was set up as a small shop in Delhi’s DaribaBaazar of ChandniChowk selling Hindi, Urdu, Punjabi and Sanskrit books.

The bookstore became the supplier of unanimous choice for literature pertaining to religion,Ayurveda and Sanskrit. By this time, Punjabi PustakBhandar had carved a niche in publishing, having added Urdu and Punjabi literature, fiction and nonfiction, to its repertoire. In 1964, Hindi star pocketbookswere introduced in collaboration with Hind Pocket Books and four years later, a new showroom was launched at Asaf Ali Road in the name of Hindi Books Center; it was the biggest exclusive store in India with a collection of Hindi literature published across India. In 1971, the family established an export house at Bara Khamba Road, Connaught Place christened Publications India and also opened a shop in London under the name of Star Book International.

He was born in 1951, a couple of years following the inception of BhartiyaBhandarPustakalaya. He briefly studied at a government school before joining D.A.V School at Daryaganj. A diligent student with a penchant for science, he secured 1st Division in Higher secondary examination and enrolled for a Physics Honors. in Delhi university. Given his studious ways, he cleared his graduation in 1st division and appeared for the IIT entrance examination with thoughts of pursuing a Post-graduation or enrolling for IIT. But destiny had other plans. After having cleared his IIT entrance, just when he was looking forward to an independent professional life of his dreams, his father was averse to hisson seeking employment elsewhere. During this time, a summer vacation pursuit, of learningphotoprocessing and offset printing along with his school friend who was in possession of an automatic offset printing unit, eventually, not immediately, triggered a dramatic twist in his professional life.

Aanshul Verma (Director)

Introduced to the magical world of Comic Heroes and Superheroes, even before he was born, his mother and father reading out all their comic books, folk tales, sacred religious scriptures and everything under the sun to her womb, the publishing business is in his DNA. Born as a child prodigy, with a mind boggling 196 score on the Mensa some 20 years ago, he is the perfect example of "Knowledge is Power". Never short of anything in words, he is fondly called Mr. Google. You just can't win an argument with him, he is so razor sharp with words, and can leave you aghast in disbelief.

In his words, "if I'm in the mood, and surrounded by an intellectual positive soul, i kind of absorb their entire hard drive into mine, obviously without their knowledge, it's very spiritual and instinctive to me. I strongly believe that the pen yields way more power than any explosive device conceived on earth " Blessed with a very British sense of humour, he can really leave you nervous and hours later in splits. You just can't afford to not be impressed and swept off your feet. But this part of his explosive personality is strictly reserved to his inner circle of loved ones, as there is a dynamic contrast to this self, of that of a highly spiritual, happy soul, reserved and quiet most of the times.

Having a crazy educational history, spread across various disciplines, most of them left almost complete, he does not believes in exams, and finds them an unnecessary boring necessity. Afterall, some people in the world are born with that kind of liberty, the likes of all famous college dropouts. In his words "when 95% of what we want in life can be achieved with love and true words from the soul, who needs power. the rest 5%, i dont want only, as i am happy with this 95% in life" Beginning his career as an independent advisor to the then CEO of Mahindra Ford India Limited, Mr. Philip G Spender, as a school kid, he assisted them with the development of the model C195, and its post launch marketing strategy, later famously nicknamed the Josh Machine, we came to know as, the first car by Ford, made in India, made by India, made for India - The Ford Ikon.

This passion continued for over 10 years, working as an independent advisory to various top notch automotive dealerships and service centres, advising them about brand positioning, location setup, benchmarking optimum service standard and working strategies. He is credited to bringing in a unique concept then, of giving soft skills and behaviourial training to the staff, esp. in tier 2 and tier 3 establishments, well before the Germans and Japanese brought in their global HR internal people management strategies. Done and dusted with the Automotive World, he entered the then booming lucrative Art Field as an Independent Advisor and Business Manager to an emerging contemporary artist. He put his heart and soul into this new dimension, something which he was well averse with, in his blood, being born and brought up amidst India's finest artists, the PAG Group, of the likes of late MF Hussain and Raza. He began from scratch learning the nuances independently from India's finest Art College, the College of Art, Delhi and it's great faculty of teachers and artists, he is credited towards building the career of one of India's finest contemporary artist.

After achieving his personal target in the Art World, he quietly bowed out to take over the reigns of his family business, after a major personal setback of losing his mother and his father's cancer diagnosis. A lot has changed from then to now. Despite of the challenging conditions the publishing industry has been facing after Demonetization, GST implementation, invasion by AI triggered virtual and social media and the current Corona Pandemic, he has managed to keep everything up and running despite all odds. Diamond Comics has been the only publication house continuously and periodically bringing out a number of comics even during the tough government imposed lockdowns and shutting off railways, our business mainstay. He says, "i was clear since Day 1, as people will be forced indoors, i want to connect them and their children to their roots, and make my social contribution and my dharma towards my motherland, bringing back actual physical book-reading, driving them away from this parasitical virtual world of mobile and internet addiction and this cancer causing mobile radiation. god is great, and we have been quite successful, with the support of the top shots in the government."

"The love that I have received from our lakhs of fans and readers and the appreciation and support from every single soul that we have touched and made a difference during these trying times in hundreds and thousands writing in personally to me, i am overwhelmed, humbled and indebted in disbelief to the glorious legacy god has blessed me with." One crazy thing we got to learn, is he strictly loves being away from any form of limelight, and is very clear and particular about it. It is highly surprising and ironical for a public figure, how he has managed to exist in this time and age, all these years. You have to personally meet him to know him. No social media accounts, no whatsapp, no photographs, no credits or name mention anywhere, how can one survive today, we wonder. If not for his fathers request, it was impossible to get him on our panel. "My happy space depends on my mood, once a while, a picnic on the top of an quiet mountain, or next to a river(esp. the ganges), amidst nature, birds, trees and real happy people. I rarely listen to music, though i used to play the piano as a pro eons ago, it has been years since i last saw the TV or cinema. I love everything quiet and private." What an irony, we wonder.

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